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Basketball Ireland Member Registration 2023/24

Welcome to the Basketball Ireland Member Registration Form

All members should use this form to complete their registration to Basketball Ireland for the 2023/24 season.

Please pay attention to all instructions provided throughout and if you have any difficulties registering please contact our Registrations Officer Daryl Lambe at

We have also provided a help guide of how to register here - Basketball Ireland Member Registrations User Guide

If you are a RETURNING member, please use the same email address that was registered with us for the 2022/23 season.

You will receive an email asking to confirm your email address and create a new password, once confirmed you will see your name and BIPIN on the left-hand side of the next screen.

If you are a NEW member, please use the email address you wish to have registered with us for the 2023/24 season onward.

You will need to create a new account to register, once confirmed you can select the Club you are registering for this season from the dropdown option on the right hand side.

IF YOU ARE A RETURNING MEMBER PLEASE DO NOT SELECT A CLUB FROM THE DROPDOWN. You will be automatically re-registered with your club from last season.

Before registering for any basketball club, it is important to understand what you are committing to.
Please read the information on this registration form carefully.

Basketball Ireland registration is mandatory for all Shannon Jets players and coaches.
Unfortunately we cannot allow players to participate without registering first. The reason for this is insurance - if you are not registered, you are not insured against injury.

Basketball Ireland registration comes with insurance cover against injury while playing/training.
You can find information about this insurance cover on the Basketball Ireland website

Depending on a player's age, there may be a fee required for completing this registration. You will pay this fee to Basketball Ireland during the registration process (for U11 and below, registration is free).
In addition to this fee, our Club Membership Fee will apply each season. This is paid separately and varies by age group.

The registration season opens early August each year.
Registration *must* be completed before you can attend training.

If you have previously registered as a player or coach with a different club, then a transfer may be required - please email us to arrange this.

***Please note if you are a first-time member***
***Basketball Ireland has strict limits on transfers between clubs***
These limits include:
- Transfers must be completed before 31st October each season.
- A player may only transfer once in a season,
- A club may only accept a maximum of three incoming transfers from any one club, per gender, per season. Only two of these transfers per gender may be aged U15 to U18.
- Players at age U14 and below are not permitted to transfer, save in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Basketball Ireland's National Area Boards Committee.
- A player who has previously been active in a club must be inactive for three whole seasons in order to join a new club without a transfer being required.
***Shannon Jets has no control over the transfer rules***

If you understand the above limitations and would like to proceed with registering for Shannon Jets, then we would love to have you !
If you are a returning player then your Basketball Ireland PIN is displayed below. Just click on it to proceed with registration.

How many people are you registering?