Basketball Ireland Member Registration 2023/24

Welcome to the Basketball Ireland Member Registration Form

All members should use this form to complete their registration to Basketball Ireland for the 2023/24 season.

Please pay attention to all instructions provided throughout and if you have any difficulties registering please contact our Registrations Officer Daryl Lambe at

We have also provided a help guide of how to register here - Basketball Ireland Member Registrations User Guide

If you are a RETURNING member, please use the same email address that was registered with us for the 2022/23 season.

You will receive an email asking to confirm your email address and create a new password, once confirmed you will see your name and BIPIN on the left-hand side of the next screen.

If you are a NEW member, please use the email address you wish to have registered with us for the 2023/24 season onward.

You will need to create a new account to register, once confirmed you can select the Club you are registering for this season from the dropdown option on the right hand side.

IF YOU ARE A RETURNING MEMBER PLEASE DO NOT SELECT A CLUB FROM THE DROPDOWN. You will be automatically re-registered with your club from last season.

How many people are you registering?