Fitzroy Stars

National Registration Form

NEW MEMBERS – Please click on the “New Member” tab under the “NEW MEMBERS” heading if you are a brand new member to this Community Club and have never played for any other Community Club or participated in Auskick.

CURRENT MEMBERS – Please click on the name(s) you wish to register/update for this season under the “CURRENT MEMBERS” heading below if you are returning to the Community Club you were last part of or transitioning from Auskick to this Community Club.

For some short videos about registering with your email address please CLICK HERE
All NEW participants (including AUSKICK) to AFL (participants who haven't registered on Game Day before anywhere in Australia) are required to submit a proof of age document to be registered for their club (UPON REGISTRATION)

Acceptable proof of age documents include copies of: Birth Certificate, Extract of Birth, Passport, Baptism Certificate, legal document certifying proof of age of applicant.

Please note this document is also required for all on-field volunteers (Coaches, Trainers, Team Managers)

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