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South Western Metro Basketball - GameDay Registration

South Western Metro Basketball

BA National Participant Registration Form 2

Welcome to Basketball's National Registration SystemPaying SWM/BQ Player Registration Fees:

If you are renewing a previous registration and your name appears on the left hand side of the screen, just click on your name. Check to make sure all details shown are correct and alter if necessary.
(If you wish to transfer Clubs within SWM, a Club Transfer Form must be completed and forwarded to your existing Club to action - these can be found on the Pirates website. Do not just choose the new Club from the dropdown list.)

To check your own expiry date, go to: or email your Club (if a Junior player) or email to make sure your registration is definitely due for renewal BEFORE re-registering, if you're not sure.

Paying twice and/or creating a duplicate profile, then requesting a refund, will see you lose 3.9% (on both portions) in BA fees - neither SWM or BQ will refund that amount, as they do not receive it in the first place - so beware and check first!

For "New" members, or if your name does not appear on a list on the left hand side of the screen, or if you are changing clubs:
From 1/1/22, all Junior players born 2005 or later MUST nominate a club in the drop down box marked "Select a club".

From 1/1/22, all players born 2004 and earlier MUST register as a SENIOR, when asked to "Select a club".

For all Coaches, Managers and Referees, and non-playing members, please select club as "Coach/Volunteer/Referee".

Please complete one member's registration at a time.

Please note:
For new players, there are two fees payable: one for South West Metro Pirates and one for Basketball Queensland. Both fees must be paid or your registration/membership will not activate.
Once the fee has been paid, and you have participated in any games, WE ARE UNABLE TO REFUND THE FEES!
If you are an existing member, your membership will be current for 365 days from your original expiry date (if paid within 30 days of expiry).
If you are a new member, it will expire 365 days from date of payment.
SECONDARY REGISTRATIONS: Players who are already registered at another QLD association, must also register with South West Metro to participate. There should be no need to pay your BQ fees again (as long as it's still current and you are using your existing login ID to join SWM).

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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This email is required for confirmation of your registration and future registration access.

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For more Info,Please contact South Western Metro Basketball (07) 3059 8661