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BA National Participant Registration Form 2

Welcome to Basketball's National Registration SystemWelcome to Basketball ACT Individual Player Registration System.

The Fee for an Individual is $46 for a single season. This fee must be paid as part of this process and is payable by MasterCard, Visa or direct from your bank.

Enter an email address below,
- if you have been registered before it will display your details
- if you have not been registered before it will advise that an email has been sent to the address given which you will need to access to set up a password.

If you have been previously registered but cannot remember your email/password please just register as a new participant. The system will find you as a duplicate once complete
Welcome to Wests Basketball Club Winter 2018 season registration page.

All players must register online through this portal to be eligible for consideration for a team position within our club and Basketball ACT competitions.

Once you have completed your registration and have paid the fees applicable to you or your child, you will receive an email verifying your registration with our club. This email does not guarantee you a position within a team. All fees must be paid/cleared before team placement is secure.

Outstanding fees from other clubs also need to be settled before your position within a Wests team is secure.


Under 10 - 19 base fees: $260 plus $10.14 (online payment surcharge)
Additional fees for Under 12 - 19: $50 plus $1.95 (online payment surcharge)
Additional fees for Under 12 - 19 Div 1 levy: $30 plus $1.17 (online payment surcharge)

**Please note: all players in U12 - 19 must select the relevant options at the end to ensure they pay the correct fees. If you or your child is playing in division 1 you will need to select both boxes. If you are unsure if you are playing in division 1, please do not tick this box. If you are subsequently placed in a division 1 team, the additional fee will need to be paid before the commencement of round 1.**

MERCHANDISE - EFT payments only, contact club uniform coordinator for details.

Shorts (if purchasing): $ 35.00
Hoody (if purchasing): $ 50.00
Socks (if purchasing): $ 10.00

Development/higher age development player fee - only on approval by coach and club: $100.00

Please contact the club at wests.basketball@gmail.com with your questions.

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