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Officials Annual Registration 2021

Basketball Officials SA Annual Registration
Compulsory membership to Basketball Officials SA season 2021. Referee registrations are now an annual fee by calendar year (expiry 31st December 2021).

Please only select ONE and choose the highest competition you referee in. If you select more than one option, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR EACH PRODUCT SELECTED. If you are unsure of which membership category to select, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Membership Fee:

Domestic: $10.00 - All Club Domestic Competitions
Mini Ball: $10.00 - MSBL Mini (ALSO covers Domestic)
Social: $20.00 - MSBL Senior (ALSO covers Domestic and Mini-Ball)
Junior & Senior District: $35.00 (ALSO covers Domestic, Mini-Ball and social)
NBL1: $50.00 - Appointed panel members, excluding draft panel

Please note: You will only receive membership card if you have an approved Working With Children Check.

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For more Info,Please contact Officials SA (08) 7088 0070