Lakeside Recreation Centre - Netball

Individual Netball Player Waiting List

Welcome to Lakeside Recreation Centre's Ladies Netball Waiting list.

This form is for individuals looking to join a team.

If you have a team that you wish to nominate please go to the Netball page on the Lakeside website.

Lakeside is a team based competition with each team looking after themselves. Lakeside only provides the netball competitions for these teams to enter and play in. Therefore we will do everything that we can to place you into a team; however it is dependent on teams needing players.

It is recommended that you see if any friends are interested in playing and forming a team to entering into the netball competition.

We will also make up teams if there are enough players, we can find a manager, and there is room in the competition. Therefore please indicate on the form if you are willing to manage a team.

Please use one of the following team codes to register to the specific waiting list.

Monday night Ladies Netball - 22288122
Wednesday Morning Ladies Netball - 22169756