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Futsal (Soccer) Senior Team Registration (Summer 2023/24)

This registration form is for Summer 2023/24
Senior Futsal (Soccer) competitions at Unley & Immanuel

Season Dates

The Summer 2023/24 season will commence on the 3rd October 2023 and will end on the 11th April 2024 (finals inclusive).

Full round by round season dates are available on our website under our policies page

Registration Costs (Note that your team is not entered and accepted until the registration payment has been made at the end of this form)

$65 (+3.9% processing fee) - Early Bird Registration, available to all teams who register by 11:59 pm on Sunday 17th September 2023.
$90 (+3.9% processing fee) - Regular Registration Fee
$45 (+3.9% processing fee) - Half Price End of Season Registration, available to all teams who register Monday 5th February 2024 or later.

Match Fees

$69.00 per team per week, paid weekly at your match


Un-notified Walkovers - $138 (Less than 24 hours’ notice before match)
Notified Walkover - $100 (More than 24 hours’ notice before match)


A team may withdraw from a competition at any point before the end of the season.
Teams that wish to withdraw from the competition must give at least eight days notice or incur a forfeit fine.
Withdrawal within 24 hours of the next scheduled match will incur a full forfeit fine (double match fee). Greater than 24 hours
but within 7 days of the next scheduled match will incur a ‘notified’ forfeit fine (double match fee, less officials’ payments)

Nights of Play:
  • Sunday (Unley)
  • Monday (Immanuel)
  • Tuesday (Immanuel)
  • Wednesday (Immanuel)
  • Thursday (Unley / Immanuel)
  • Thursday Mixed (Unley / Immanuel)
Please note we are currently not taking team registrations for any of our Immanuel competitions until February, due to court renovations at Immanuel College in January!

** Please note any team that enters a competition late may miss out on a round of the competition. **
^ Please note that if we have a high number of teams we may play games at an overflow venue. This will be communicated via the program coordinator.

All Match Times are as follows:
Monday -Thursday: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Sunday: 2:15 pm - 10:30 pm

Payment options are as follows:

--> VISA Debit Card
--> VISA Credit Card
--> MasterCard Debit Card
--> MasterCard Credit Card

If you require any assistance for Unley or Immanuel programs, please call us on 08 8272 2121 or email us at

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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