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2020 VJBL Referee Registration Form

Welcome to the 2019/20 MUVJBL Referees Registration Process.

The Victorian Junior Panel Program is a critical pathway to the development of Referees in Victoria.

Referee Requirements:

* By agreeing to participate in the Victorian Junior Panel Program, Referees will have to satisfactorily complete a medical or sign the provided waiver (one or the other) in addition to satisfactorily completing a fitness test and theory exam.

* Referees must be financial with TOC for 2019/20.

* Referees are required to officiate at stadiums as appointed by the TOC Appointments Officer and must be available for 75% of the full season and 100% for finals.

* All nominated Referees must have a minimum A Grade (Old 1A) qualification for at least 12 months as of the 31st of January 2020 (for BVC Officials as at the end of the previous BVC season).

* The above rule shall apply however, associations may apply in writing for exemption to this rule should there be special circumstances. Applications should be in writing to the MUVJBL and all decisions by the MUVJBL administration will be final.

* If selected into the program, all Referees must be available to travel to venues other than their home association as required.

* By completing this form the Association has verified that the Referee has a current Working With Children's Check and Basketball Victoria Statutory Declaration (this applies to referees that are 18 years of age or older at any point during the season).

* All Referees selected onto the Victorian Junior Panel Program are expected to make themselves available to referee in the 2019 National Junior Classic, which will be held over the Queens Birthday June Long Weekend (6 - 8 June 2020).

* All Referees selected onto the Victorian Junior Panel Program are expected to make themselves available for Victorian Championship League games before any other VJBL game. This is also to be recognised by the nominating association.

FIRST TRY OUT DAY: SUNDAY 27th Oct 2019 at Dandenong (Free)

Eligible referees who are under consideration for VJBL in 2020 and are nominated by their Association are required to attend the Level 1 Course to prepare them for VJBL Grading games and the 2020 VJBL season.
The Level 1 Course will include modules on Theory, Leagues Fitness Testing and Theory Exam.

Current VJBL (Level 1) referees who are intending to continue officiating VJBL are required to attend the Modules of the Level 1 Course, involving the general League requirements, the Points of Emphasis along with the Fitness Testing and Theory Exam.(Afternoon session)

TRY OUT DAY 2: SUNDAY 8th DEC 2019 at Dandeong (Free)

(It is compulsory that all 2020 new and returning Level 1 Panel Referees attend Day #1)

* The date of the final test will be the cut off day for qualified referees to be tested.
* Associations will be provided with updated referee quota numbers prior to the commencement of the Championship season.

* Successful completion of the testing (Fitness/Theory) is only required once for the state in that season.
* Attending all relevant action days is beneficial from an educational / development point of view.
* Pass rates - min min 80% on theory exam and as follows on the yoyo test:

Test starts at:
Level 5 x 1 run (5.1)
Level 9 x 1 run (9.1)
Level 11 x 2 runs (11.1/11.2)
Level 12 x 3 runs (12.1/12.2)
Level 13 x 4 runs (13.1/13.2/13.3/13.4)
Level 14 x 8 runs (14.1/14.2/14.3/14.4/14.5/14.6/14.7/14.8)

Qualification Levels:
Male - Less than age 30 = 14.8
Male - Age 30-44 = 14.4
Male - Age 45 & Over = Beep Test Level 8
Female - Less than age 30 = 13.4
Female - Age 30-44 = 12.3
Female - Age 45 & Over = Beep Test Level 6

The Association Referee Advisor will be contacted by the TOC to confirm all of the referees that have nominated for junior panel.

All nominations must be completed by COB Monday 18th November 2019.

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