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Bankstown Basketball Association - GameDay Registration

Bankstown Basketball Association

3X3 New Junior Team Nomination Form

Welcome to the Online Team Entry form for new teams to Bankstown Basketball Association.

Within the association there are several competitions to choose from, you can select the competition that best suits your team. Please note: teams may be re-graded or refused entry to the competition at the discretion of the Competition Manager.

Please also note that your entry may not be guaranteed if the competition/division is filled prior to receipt of your entry (in which case any payments made will be refunded).

For further information or assistance please call the office (during business hours) on 02 9707 1866 or email

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

My team is registered in this league/association, and I know my team code and password

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New Team Registration

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For more Info,Please contact Bankstown Basketball Association 02 9707 1866