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St George Basketball

St George Senior Team Nomination Form 2023

Welcome to the Online Team Entry form for St George Basketball Association.

Team Nominations close 9th March 2023
Within the association there are several competitions to choose from, you can select the competition that best suits your team.

However please note entry is only guaranteed for those teams re-entering the same competition from the previous season. Other teams will be entered if a spot is available.

Please select 'General Club'

Divisions offered, commencing dates
- Tue Men Div 1 & Div 2 - starts 21/03/2023 to 1/08/2023 (Plus Finals)
- Wed Women - starts 22/03/2023 to 2/08/2023 (Plus Finals)

Finals Format Week 1 (1v4) & (2v3) & Week 2 winner of each final progress to Grand Final.

Please note: teams may be re-graded at the discretion of the Competition Manager.

For further information or assistance please call the office (during business hours) on 9533 8833 or email

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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