Hoop City

3x3 Team Registration Form

This form is to register a team for the upcoming 3x3 Competition at Hoop City (Cheltenham) commencing the week of 10 May 2021.

Full FIBA 3x3 rules will apply.
- 10 minute games (or first to 21 pts)
- 12 second shot clock
- No Time-Outs
- Play on Official FIBA 3x3 Court with FIBA 3x3 Ball

Hoop City will supply Referees and Scorers for all games.

All teams and players must wear an appropriate matching uniform in line with FIBA rules (Hoop City through iAthletic can organise a team uniform - Purchase Uniform Pack).

Monday: Under 16 Girls, Under 18 Girls, Senior Women
Tuesday: Under 14 Boys, Over 40 Men
Wednesday: Under 18 Boys, Men A
Thursday: Under 16 Boys, Men B
Friday: Men C
Saturday: Under 12 Girls, Under 14 Girls
Sunday: Under 12 Boys, Youth Men, Youth Women, Over 40 Women

Team Entry (Season) - $100
Weekly Team Fees - $100 (via Teammo) (includes 3 games and use of the Shooting Bays between games)

By registering and playing 3x3 at Hoop City all members agree to the following;

- The team will abide by the FIBA 3x3 Laws of the Game.
- The team will comply with Hoop City Codes of Conduct (Behaviour).
- The team agrees to the 3x3 Hoop City Terms and Conditions.
- The team will comply with all requirements in relation to Working With Children Check legislation.
- The team will ensure that all fees, match payments and fines incurred will be paid promptly.

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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