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Rockingham Basketball Recreation Association - GameDay Registration

Rockingham Basketball Recreation Association

2021/ 2022 Summer Team To Competition Registration

2021/ 2022 Summer Basketball - Team Fees

Team fees are compulsory and will be paid for in a maximum of 'two' instalments via our online portal.

To complete this registration form you will be required to pay the first instalment of $400.

- Instalment "one" - Initial fee of $400 - Due now
- Instalment "two" - Final fee of $1,145 - Due Friday 26th November 2021
* NOTE: Failure to make the final payment by the due date will prohibit the team from playing until financial.

Before proceeding with this registration, please pay special attention to the following clauses:

Clause 1 - Player Transfer
- If you have players moving forward from a different Winter 2021 team for Summer 2021/2022, players must obtain a 'player clearance' from the previous team manager/ club prior to registering.
*This form is available on our website:

Clause 2 - Venue and Game Day
- Days and venues may be subject to change depending on volume of teams registered to each competition.

Our intention is to keep the venue and days the same, but if circumstances arise, minor changes may occur

Clause 3 - Covid-19
- Should Covid-19 force our association to go into lock down and cancel games, there will be "NO REFUND" for games lost unless otherwise recommended by the Domestic Committee and approved by the RBRA Board

Clause 4 - Forfeits and Byes
- A forfeit fee of $50 will be charged for any team who has not notified Flames administration by email. Cut off for non payment is 12pm the day prior to your game
- Byes will be avoided, but where unavoidable, byes will not be refunded

Clause 5 - Uniforms and Team Names
- New teams must not have the same name or uniforms as an existing team or club.

To prevent clashes, all new teams must submit a photo of their uniforms and their team name for approval by the DBC prior to registrations

Thank you.

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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