Diggers Rest

National Registration Form

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By registering / re-registering my membership of the Diggers Rest Football Netball Club (hereinafter called The Club) online via SportsTG, I hereby agree to abide by all rules and laws that apply to The Club, as well as The Club’s Code of Conduct which includes codes of conduct and rules and regulations of the following affiliated organisations:
• AFL Victoria & Netball Victoria – Including but not limited to: Racial Discrimination, Religious Vilification, Sexual Discrimination and Just for Kids policy
• RDFNL – Player and Spectator Codes and other relevant policies
• Melton City Council – Including but not limited to: No Glass Rule, Smoking in Public Places Policy and Conditions of Use of the Diggers Rest Recreation Reserve and Facilities
• Burras Club – Responsible Serving of Alcohol, Good Sports and No Smoking Policies
• Federal & State Governments – State Govt Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport, and other Codes of Conduct as deemed relevant by the Diggers Rest Football Netball Club
• COVID19 – All policies, legislation and rules relating to COVID Safe and infection control requirements

I acknowledge that I have read the contents of this Code of Conduct, and that other information referred to in this document is available on the organisations’ websites. I accept that it is my responsibility to read and understand that information. The Club’s Code of Conduct includes:

• All Club Teams’ policies and guidelines on team selections including the Head Trauma Policy.
• People under the age of 18 will not be permitted to attend any club function where alcohol is served and/or consumed unless accompanied by their own legal guardian. Any exceptions to this rule (e.g. player selection nights) must be approved by the Club Committee.
• People over 18 years of age shall not supply alcohol to minors.
• Encouragement of vocal and positive support of all players.
• Discouragement of physical abuse and abusive and insulting language toward umpires, opposition players and officials.
• Discouragement of physical abuse and abusive and insulting language toward Officials of the RDFNL.
• Respect and protect as far as practicable the property, facilities and equipment of The Club, the Burras Club, and Melton City Council as it pertains to The Club’s responsibility to Melton City Council.
• Respect the property and facilities of opposition rooms and facilities at away games.
• Respect fellow members and do not involve in any discrimination, belittlement, innuendo or bullying of any kind.
• Respect individuals’ rights to privacy and confidentiality of personal information.
• Assist the Club to provide all spectators, players and officials with a safe and healthy environment.
• Agreement that qualified Club Trainers or other authorised Personnel shall request an Ambulance to attend when, in their opinion, deemed necessary without requiring approval or agreement from the injured/ill member or their representative/s, and such Ambulance costs and charges shall be met in full by the injured/ill member.
• As far as is practicable, we encourage members to report any breaches of the above to a member of the Club’s Executive or Committee Member. The report must be in writing and signed by the individual member/s making the report and forwarded to the Secretary of The Club within 4 days. The Secretary will provide a written response to the complaint within 14 days.

I accept that any breach of these codes may result in action being taken by The Club including, but not limited to:

• Meeting with the Executive to discuss the breach and decide on further action if necessary
• Mediation with an accredited mediator
• Suspension or removal of Membership. This must be approved by The Club’s Committee. Prior to suspension or removal, the individual member/s will have a right to address the Committee prior to any decision if they so desire.

Any queries regarding this Code of Conduct should be referred to the The Club Secretary. Hard copies of this document are available on request.