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Netball Senior Team Registration (Winter 2022)

Winter 2022

Senior Mixed, Ladies & Men's Netball
at Unley & Immanuel

Season Dates

The Winter 2022 season will commence on the 19th of April and will end on the 29th September (finals inclusive).

Registration Costs (Note that your team is not entered and accepted until the registration payment has been made at the end of this form)

$65 (+3.9% processing fee) – Early Bird Registration, available to all teams who register by 11:59pm Saturday 10th April 2022.
$85 (+3.9% processing fee) – Regular registration fee

Available Now:
$42.50 (+3.9% processing fee) – Half Price Registration, available to all teams who register Friday 22nd July 2022 or after.

Match Fees

$67.00 per team per week, paid weekly at your match


Un-notified Walkovers - $134 (Less than 24 hours notice before match)
Notified Walkover - $98 (More than 24 hours notice before match)


A team may withdraw from a competition at any point before the end of the season. A fee is applied depending on the amount of notice provided to staff. Please see the participation guide for more information.

Nights of Play:
  • Sunday Mixed (Unley/Immanuel)
  • Monday Ladies (Immanuel)
  • Monday Ladies (Unley)
  • Tuesday Ladies (Immanuel)
  • Wednesday Ladies (Unley)
  • Wednesday Mixed (Unley)
  • Thursday Mixed (Immanuel)
  • Thursday Men's (Immanuel)

    ** Please note any team that enters a competition late may miss out on a round of the competition. **
    **Please note that if a competition has high team numbers we will use away venues (Immanuel, St Johns & Unley) to make sure all teams are given a weekly game. This will be communicated by the Program Coordinator upon release of the program**

    All Match Times are as follows:
    Monday - Thursday: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
    Sunday: 2:10 pm - 10:30 pm

    Payment options are as follows:

    --> VISA Debit Card
    --> VISA Credit Card
    --> MasterCard Debit Card
    --> MasterCard Credit Card
    --> PayPal

    If you require any assistance for Unley or Immanuel programs, please call us on 08 8272 2121 or email us at

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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